The NXL Regional, National, Regional Championship, and National Championship points structure is in the image below.  

Points from two regional events, one national event , the Regional Championship, and the National Championship event (World Cup) will count towards the overall NXL National Championship. The idea behind the progressive point structure is to keep teams in the hunt all the way through each Championship so that teams who struggle early aren't taken out of contention.

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NXL affiliate!
We’ve always been lucky to host the largest national event (World Cup) of the year here in Florida. Since the CFPS started having events back in 2005 we’ve always followed close the national series’ formats and rules in order to help our teams prepare themselves to win the biggest paintball tournament of the year. With the formation of the NXL affiliate leagues we can continue to do that while offering even better series prizes and perks than before.

A true National Championship without all the travel.

NXL rules and formats.

Single ID card for CFPS and NXL events.

Ability to win World Cup entry and a possible World Cup Webcast game!!

The overall premise is let teams from around the country from D3 and down compete for the NXL National Title through the affiliates and one NXL event plus World Cup.  

 Top two scores from CFPS 1 - 4 count as Regional Events

CFPS  5  is the Regional Championship

Any non-World Cup NXL event

NXL World Cup