Layout released Sept 22nd

Last years post World Cup 10-Man was blast. This year we thought we'd give teams a chance to knock off the 10-Man rust before the big event. 

 Whether you plan to play Cup or haven't played 10-Man before don't miss out on one of the absolute funnest formats in the game.

I want to keep it inexpensive but still provide plenty of referees and a large enough prize to keep it interesting.  

Here's the details -

* September 24th 

* $100 -$600 entry fee

* No league APPA ID required, APPA fees are covered in the entry.

* $40 per case, event paint only

* 1st place, Entry to World Cup -$1,450 - paid to winner in cash, plus          medals. 

* Even though it is listed as an open tournament, only 1 pro per team. 

 If you played CFPS 5, you can take $50 off the entry for each player who played, up to 10 players. Those players must sign in at registration to receive their refund.

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