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Wednesday Nov 25
Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:17



2016 CFPS dates -

Event 1, April 2-3

Event 2, May 7-8

Event 3, July 2-3

Event 4, August 20-21

Event 5, September 24-25


We're starting a bit later than usual. We're trying to work around a few stand alone tournaments early in the year, with World Cup being pushed back to November there is plenty of time to get everything in.

I 'll have format, prize, and other updates soon. Registration for the first event will follow shortly.

Year end 10 man

Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:14

I've been real surprised with the interest and turnout for the Year End 10 man event. I can only set up one field for this event, and don't want it to be a two day event to keep things affordable. I also don't want to see anyone who wants to play not be able to.

I can't take any more teams for Sundays tournament, but, I can have a whole different tournament on Saturday.

I've added a Saturday division to the tournament, it will play as a completely separate event. Any teams who want to play both days can, however, I will prioritize teams who haven't paid for Sunday first.




10 Man!

If you've wanted to play 10 man and haven't had the opportunity, or like me, you played it this past NXL World Cup and had a blast.
We've decided to host our own 10 man event December 13th.

$400.00 entry and BYOP.

$1000.00 cash for 1st place.

I can only set up 1 field so team slots are limited to 10 teams total.

Register Here

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 14:38



August 29-30



Tuesday, 06 January 2015 14:37


July 11-12




Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:50

Central Florida Paintball Series 2015 (Regional Affiliate League)


Event 1 February 7th & 8th
Event 2 April 25th & 26th
Event 3 May 30th & 31st
Event 4 July 11th & 12th
Event 5 August 29th & 30th

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