The CFPS is now a NXL affiliate!
We’ve always been lucky to host the largest national event (World Cup) of the year here in Florida. Since the CFPS started having events back in 2005 we’ve always followed close the national series’ formats and rules in order to help our teams prepare themselves to win the biggest tournament of the year. With the formation of the NXL affiliate leagues we can continue to do that while offering even better series prizes and perks than before.

Here’s a quick recap of the changes this will have starting with the June 4-5 event

* Raceto 4 will now be NXL style D3/D4 Xball
* Raceto2 will now be NXL style traditional 5-man
* There will be a Regional and National Championship affiliate teams will earn points toward
* The winner of the Regional Championship will receive free entry to World Cup
* CFPS entry fees and tournament prizes will stay the same
* Our ID card an d card system will stay the same.

 Check out the points breakdown for additional information. Under series info in the top menu.


June 4-5 -


​           BETTER FORMATS

                      BEST VENUE






What are the best prizes? Cash, of course! If a prize is anything other than cash, in most cases you have to sell it to turn it into cash. Why have to go to that trouble? The retail value of products may sound good, but it is only worth about half the value in cash. At CFPS, many years ago we figured out the best way to take care of our players is to pay cash prizes.

We're paintball players. I started playing paintball in 1998. Seven years later I wanted to start a paintball tournament series like  one I'd want to play in. What that meant to me was - a fair and strictly adhered to ranking system, quality fields, national formats, inexpensive to play, a lot of refs on the field, player friendly rules, and fair prizes. 

Proudly affiliated with the best paintball series in the country.