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Saturday Feb 13

Event update

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 12:19

Registration is up for Event 1


We changed out dates again and are kicking off the season Feb 13-14. Since that may catch a few teams off gaurd I've reduced entry fees by $100.00 dollars across the board for the first event.. We're sorry for taking so long to figure it out.


Event 1 2016

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 11:50


Feburary 13&14


Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:17


CFPS 2016


CFPS Event 1, Feb 13-14

NPA/MSXL/CFPS Winter Nationals, March 5-6

CFPS Event 2, May 7-8

CFPS Event 3, July 2-3

CFPS Event 4, August 20-21 (MiLP Combine Event) this date could change

CFPS Event 5, September 24-25

Format and Prizes

D3 and D6 Saturday

D4 & D5 Sunday

D5 Raceto2, match styles, split deck

$3000 CASH Value prize package

Entry - $300

8 or more teams: 1st $1400 Cash + medals - 2nd 800 Cash + medals - 3rd $100 Cash  + free entry + medals – 4th free entry + medals

Less than 8 teams:  1st 900 Cash + medals – 2nd $500 Cash + medals

D4 Raceto4, split deck

$4000 CASH Value prize package

Entry - $450

8 or more teams: 1st $1800 Cash + medals - 2nd $900 Cash + medals -  3rd $100 Cash + free entry + medals - 4th free entry + medals

less than 8 teams: 1st $1350 + medals – 2nd $700 + medals

D3 Raceto4, split deck

$4000 Cash Value prize package

Entry - $450

8 or more teams: 1st $1800 Cash + medals - 2nd $900 Cash + medals -  3rd $100 Cash + free entry + medals - 4th free entry + medals

less than 8 teams: 1st $1350 Cash + medals – 2nd $700 Cash + medals

D6  - 3 man, traditional round robin format.

$750 Prize package

Entry - 150

1st 9 cases of paint + medals

2nd 6 cases of paint + medals

3rd Free entry + medals

Event Paint

The CFPS will be EVENT Paint only this year.

We will be offering GI Sportz 4 Star/ KEE Action Sports EVIL at our events $43.00 per case, same price whether you prepay or buy it as needed.

ID Cards

You will need CFPS ID cards to play our events. Like last year those cards will be good at CFPS, MiLP, and other MiLP affiliated leagues events.

Rules and Referees

The CFPS, MiLP, and the other affiliated leagues have agreed to a standardized rulebook that will be available for download on With a few minor deviations* from league to league, teams can depend on these leagues to offer uniform rules and format along the lines of National Events. CFPS teams will be properly prepared to show their best at World Cup.

*For instance we will not be using the NXL overtime rules. We will be using the old 1st point sudden death, no time limit rule.

Affiliated Series

Earn points toward the CFPS, MiLP,  NPA, and their affiliates playing in CFPS events this year. In an effort to re-create what the PSP affiliates had in national rankings, we are working with as many other Series as we can. By holding combined events and sharing points with these series, we expect CFPS customers to see a diversity of teams from around the Southeast.

Photography - Video

Besides the for hire media guys, each team will be allowed to have their own photographer/videographer on the field while they play. These photographers will have to register with the field but won’t have to pay for an ID or access to the field.


Year end 10 man

Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:14

I've been real surprised with the interest and turnout for the Year End 10 man event. I can only set up one field for this event, and don't want it to be a two day event to keep things affordable. I also don't want to see anyone who wants to play not be able to.

I can't take any more teams for Sundays tournament, but, I can have a whole different tournament on Saturday.

I've added a Saturday division to the tournament, it will play as a completely separate event. Any teams who want to play both days can, however, I will prioritize teams who haven't paid for Sunday first.




10 Man!

If you've wanted to play 10 man and haven't had the opportunity, or like me, you played it this past NXL World Cup and had a blast.
We've decided to host our own 10 man event December 13th.

$400.00 entry and BYOP.

$1000.00 cash for 1st place.

I can only set up 1 field so team slots are limited to 10 teams total.

Register Here

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 14:38



August 29-30



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